Lahore University of Management Sciences

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June 6, 2016 Convocation 2016
0630 Students report for robing & procession
0750  Guests are seated 
0830 Student Procession Enters  
0900  Academic Procession Enters  
0902  National Anthem is Played 
0904  Recitation of Holy Verse 
0909  Brief Welcome Note By VC & Introduction of Convocation Speaker Dr Shamshad Akhtar 
0915  Convocation Speaker Address 
0935  Presentation of the NMF Gold Medals 
1005  Presentation of the Degrees  
  Ph.D. – Degrees and Hooding 
  SDSB Graduate Degrees 
  MGSHSS Graduate Degrees 
  SBASSE Graduate Degrees 
1035  Presentation of the Under Graduate Degrees 
1120  Formal Closing Remarks by the VC 
1130  Academic Procession Departs for Group Photography stand-by at SDSB 
1132  Administrative Announcements by Registrar – Parents leave soon after 
1135  Student Prepare for Group Photography – Faculty joins them when ready 
1200  Faculty, Graduates Depart for Tea post group photography